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TIO as a fair employer

Staff snapshot

The rise in complaints, particularly in early 2011, required a recruitment drive to allow us to respond to the influx of calls and emails to our office. There were 275 employees at the TIO at 30 June, 65 more than in 30 June 2010. Our staff are 49 per cent female, 51 per cent male.

Remuneration review

In 2010-11 we conducted a comprehensive review of our pay structure to make it more fair, equitable and transparent for staff members. We worked with independent consultants Mercer to tailor a pay structure that rewards performance and aligns pay increases to labour market movements. The pay review was completed and rolled out for a switchover in the new financial year.

Performance measures review

As our new pay structure links a staff member’s pay to their performance, we aligned this measurement to our organisation’s goals of Fairness, Accountability, Independence, Accessibility, Efficiency and Effectiveness. These are the national benchmarks for alternative dispute resolution, which underpin our day to day operations. We will continue to work in 2011-12 to align these measures to new areas of dispute resolution we use, such as conciliation.

Learning and development

In this year of unprecedented demand we streamlined our training procedures to make sure new staff could start helping consumers as quickly as possible. We also delivered training to existing staff to continue to provide the best assistance possible in a constantly changing industry. These learning areas included:

Heidi Odermatt

On 1 October 2010 we tragically lost Heidi Odermatt, an Enquiry Officer who had worked with the TIO for four years. Heidi was an outstanding Enquiry Officer and aspiring leader who had been appointed to a Team Manager position. Her passing affected her many friends at the TIO. In memory of Heidi we created the Heidi Odermatt Leadership Scholarship, to give non-managerial staff the opportunity to undertake management studies.  

Our staff remember Heidi as a kind hearted, generous and supportive friend and workmate. To honour Heidi’s memory, fellow staff contributed to the Heidi Odermatt Guide Dog Fund, which is successfully sponsoring a future Guide Dog, Heidi-O.

OH&S Wellness

A number of activities were undertaken as part of our Health and Wellness Program over 2010-11.

Stress Down Day Lighten Up seminar
84 Increased awareness of personal reactions to stress and how to manage stress.
FebFast Mocktail night (non-alcoholic cocktails) and sponsorship of staff to participate in FebFast 40 Sponsorship of staff members raised approximately $2,000 for charity.
QUIT Fresh Start course -health effects of smoking and quitting methods 18 Excellent feedback from the eight sessions. Five people quit completely and eight people have cut back.
Work Health checks Onsite 43 Sixty percent of staff have received a health check over the last two years. This has helped identify risk factors at the TIO and provided input to future activities of the Health and Wellness Program.
Flu Vaccinations
Onsite 55 Reduced personal leave.
Care Super and Outlook seminars One-on-one meetings to consolidate super and financial advice/seminars 61 Raised awareness of financial issues affecting staff with the aim of reducing financial stress
Ergonomics Workstation ergonomic assessments 147 Improved awareness of good posture and desk setup.
Optional massages Monthly massages 389 Remedial shoulder and neck massages.

Organisational chart

Our structure as at 30 June 2011 can be viewed in this organisational chart