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Possible code issues in 2010-11

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Possible code issues in 2010-11

We recorded 450,364 possible code issues, almost 32 per cent more than in 2009-10. This increase is mainly due to the 17.8 per cent increase in new complaints, but some changes to the keywords we use to more completely capture issues has also contributed to the increase.  

We recorded possible code issues related to 391 different service providers, but more than 90 per cent of those possible breaches can be attributed to ten providers.

Of all the possible code issues recorded, 442,491 (98.25 per cent) were related to the TCP Code. Although still common, the complaint handling and credit management provisions of the TCP Code feature less than they do in confirmed code breaches. The billing chapter of the TCP Code features most in possible code issues, with more than 145,000 issues recorded.  

The most frequently recorded possible code issue was the alleged failure of providers to give their customers accurate, relevant, current or timely information.  The next most common issue related to the alleged failure of providers to ensure and demonstrate billing accuracy.

Possible code issues in 2010-11

TCP Code - 3.2.1 The information that a provider gives to a consumer must be accurate, relevant, current and timely
72,202 16.0
TCP Code - 6.4.1 Providers must both ensure and be able to demonstrate that their billing is accurate 52,756 11.7
TCP Code - 9.1.1(f) Providers must record, action and monitor the undertakings they make to resolve consumer complaints 43,084 9.5
TCP Code - 9.4.1(b) Providers must supply information about alternative avenues of recourse when a consumer expresses dissatisfaction with the outcome to their complaint 38,082 8.4
TCP Code - 6.4.2
Bills must contain enough information for a consumer to be able to easily determine whether they have been billed accurately or not 24,603 5.4
TCP Code - 4.2.4(a)(iii) If a consumer has made it clear that they are planning on using a product/service for a particular purpose, a provider must inform the consumer of anything they are aware of that might affect the consumer's ability to use the product/service for that purpose 22,382 4.9
TCP Code - 6.3.2(e) The items listed on a consumer's bill must be described in sufficient detail to enable the consumer to identify and understand what each charge is for 21,877 4.8
TCP Code - 6.3.1 Bills must contain enough information for a consumer to be able to easily determine whether they have been billed accurately or not 21,530 4.7
TCP Code - 7.3.4 Providers must both have and apply free credit control tools to manage customer expenditure where appropriate 8,179 1.8
TCP Code - 6.3.2(f)  Providers must ensure that their bills specify the total amount billed, all applicable credits/payments/discounts as well as the net amount payable by the consumer 7,355 1.6

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