Improving the way we resolve complaints

Tamara's complaint

Tamara came to us with a complaint about a bundled internet and landline service.

She opted to bundle those services in a $115 a month unlimited plan, which she believed could save her money as she understood calls to mobiles from her landline would be free.

The plan also included voicemail, caller ID and an internet security suite, which she believed would cost $3 on top of the $115 each month. But in her first bill, Tamara told us she was surprised to receive a bill for $340.

Tamara said she tried to resolve the problem with the provider, who initially offered to reduce the bill and put her on a more suitable $70 a month plan. However, the following month she received another bill that was higher than she expected – this time for $270. Her service provider claimed that the bill was so high because there were outstanding charges she had not paid for. She then approached the TIO for help resolving the issues. The TIO’s approach was to conciliate the case, so that both parties could agree on a resolution, without a formal investigation.

To clarify the issues, we organised a conference call so Tamara and her service provider could discuss the complaint. As a result of this, it became clear that the added features of the plan were causing the bill to be higher than expected.

The service provider agreed to remove the caller ID, voicemail and internet security, waived the excess fees and confirmed that she was on a lower plan of $70 per month that covered her landline and internet services, and would not be charged more than that amount.

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